Mahindra First Choice

Mahindra First Choice Wheels is the country’s preferred used car mart and is India’s only organized multi-brand player  with 500+ outlets in 270+ cities in India.

Auto Point sales is an approved franchisee of Mahindra First Choice. We have 5000 sqft of area dedicated to our used car showroom on Shivaji Marg in West Delhi.

Brands like Mahindra first choice are helping the industry transform from being unorganized to organized which in turn helps customers secure best deals for their used cars without being cheated.

Are you thinking of selling your used car? You probably would have these concerns:

  • Am I getting the best price for my car?
  • Will I get a genuine buyer for my car?
  • When will the papers be transferred?


Maybe you are considering buying a used car and have few concerns:

  • What is the right price to buy?
  • What is the certification on the car?
  • What kind of assurance will I get with regards to the quality of the car?

Buying and selling a used car comes with its own set of uncertainties, questions and misconceptions. Let Mahindra First Choice Wheels put your mind at ease. When you get the Mahindra First Choice Wheels advantage, you will enjoy a high quality and hassle-free buying and selling experience. Our stringent and rigorous quality check processes are designed to ensure that even a second-hand car fulfill your dreams.